The following is a more or less genuine interview with a customer (Lorenna, the Sex Queen) who considered me to be her best friend. Unlike the sexual fiction pieces I created for Action magazine, the Escort of the Month features in the publication I began on my own, were not phony. This was the last in the collection prior to I tanked my paper as well as went to a blog to prevent mafia-style suppliers as well as paying an outrageous print bill in a tool (not this one) which was almost dead anyhow.

Honored with smooth, dark chocolate skin, piercing brownish eyes, long braided locks, pearly white teeth, carved arms, thick, juicy legs, one of the most sensationally firm and also rounded booty the world has actually ever known, perky, young breasts, and also a sparkling individuality to match, Lorenna is among the most in-demand companions on the Tri-State scene today.

From the moment we initially met in the lift of a Downtown resort, my heart began defeating like a hammer– as well as it’s been practically that way since. What can I claim? A forthright, entertaining valley-type girl– trapped in a bronzed and also very bootylicious rap-video body (minus all the perspective)– functions completely for this person. So sufficient! Here chooses a meeting that I make sure we’ll all agree exposes Miss Honey to be deserving of every dollar a carnal consumer invests for her individually treatment.

ME: All right, Supergirl. You look fantastic as usual. Got ta ask you a few questions before we switch over from verbal to physical sexual intercourse.

Lorenna : Penalty, simply offer me a massage while you question me.

ME: Ya understand I’m gon na begin offering crappy massages so nobody asks for them anymore. But because I enjoy to play with your body anyhow, you obtain a good one.

( So Lorenna disrobes, displaying her electrical lightning bolt of a body, tosses herself on my bed face first, and provides a majorly remarkable display of posterior women pulchritude. As quickly as my fingers start to functioning her hurting flesh, Lorenna starts to address all the questions I was about to ask in her usual gabby, stream-of-consciousness method.).

Lorenna : Ya recognize, it’s kind of weird. I might envision myself doing this for a few even more years despite the fact that I’m going to finish in six months. (Lorenna is a full-time student, learning fashion at an university in Manhattan. She sees individuals before course– after course– in between classes. You get the picture.).

ME: So you’re claiming that except for the social stigma, escorting is actually an excellent gig.

Lorrena: Essentially. I satisfy some really nice guys doing this– like you, Buck. Do my shoulders!

ME: Extremely clear, honey! I would certainly have done your shoulders anyhow. Allow’s get to some inquiries to which making inquiries minds need to know the solutions. Just how ‘d you begin accompanying in the first place?

Lorenna: Really, I started dancing at 10’s when one of the ladies at school turned me on generating income at dancing clubs. One night a truly charming couple can be found in. They propositioned me and the rest is history.

ME: So you were kind of lucky. You were making money to dance as well as show off your body. And then all of a sudden, a hot pair intends to fuck you … and offer you cash? There’s a no-brainer.

Lorenna: Y-E-A-H!! Have fun with my butt, Dollar. I’m obtaining activated.

ME: You much better leave me a good suggestion!

Lorenna: You’re foolish. Ask me some even more concerns. I’m beginning to like this.

ME: All right. Ever before love a technique?

Lorenna: You mean besides you?

ME: Don’t be artful. We both know I’m your fucking slave.

Lorenna: You’re a fucking ‘ho hopper. Don’t also try it. Your house’s Hotown … and you’re the Mayor?

ME: Guilty as billed … nonetheless!

Lorenna: Yeah. Really, I attempt not to because it gets made complex. However there has been a man or 2 that I established feelings for.

ME: And also how do you really feel regarding having a boyfriend while you work.

Lorenna: Also complicated. I ‘d rather not go through all the deceptiveness it takes to date a guy that doesn’t understand. So I guess the men that pay me are my sweethearts because I have no sex-related social life beyond the business.

ME: Ok! Currently some typical things. Where were you increased?

Lorenna: I’m a Southern lady– from Atlanta– with a mother, daddy, and two sisters. I had a pleased childhood years and all the great stuff you would not connect with a woman that does this type of work.

ME: What concerning marital relationship and babies?

Lorenna: Yes to both. I wan na have like 3 or 4 youngsters– and an other half! Wan na go halvsies on an infant, Dollar?

ME: Uh … in a couple of mins. I’m still doing the meeting. Tell me huge turn-ons and large turn-offs in a customer.

Lorenna: Guys with bad hygiene are the worst. I dislike smelly/dirty men. I’m a tidy fanatic myself … so you can visualize. Additionally … economical men that wan na bargain. I had this set famous rapper call me and afterwards try to work out a rate for me to fuck him. When I got to his crib, he wanted me to have sex with him and also 2 of his close friends for no added cash. I do not assume so. I went out as well as the person called me like forty times in the following two days, begging for me to find back. What a bonehead!

ME: Leading me to my next question. Exactly how do you feel concerning “enjoyable” black customers? A great deal of ladies differentiate. Also black girls.

Lorenna: If they’re experts, and also talk English, I’m excellent. Yet I do not such as thugs with bad attitudes about females. They’re a large turn-off. I’m not a receptacle. As for what type of people I succumb to … I like Italian guys, anyhow. A lot of my guys have actually been Italian.

ME: We didn’t do turn-ons in a customer. We digressed about the fucking rapper.

Lorenna: I’m not really seeking to obtain turned on to a customer like I would claim a sweetheart. However … money of course. That’s primary. Consideration, level of sensitivity, intelligence, a sense of humor … you understand all the stuff you like in anyone. Simply a decent, typical person that doesn’t hate women or me privately of what I’m doing. I despise individuals who obtain intimidated by the truth that I have a lot of companions. Get over it! You simply paid to have me … and also you’ll pay someone tomorrow to have her!

ME: All right, honey. Do not go on a bender. We’re meant to be having a good time here.

Lorenna: Sorry, Buck. Transform me over as well as fuck me. The massage therapy is making me horny.

ME: Yo, that was quick. Not yet, My work is refrained. Tell me some odd stuff men have actually asked you to do.

Lorenna: Well, for one point. I have actually been getting a lot of demands to fuck men in the ass with strap-ons lately. It’s like I do practically as much fucking as I do getting fucked– if you obtain what I indicate.

ME: Would certainly you think about a straight person that likes a lady to fuck him in the butt with a huge dildo to have gay propensities– or be gay?

Lorenna: I don’t know. All I can say is some of what I do gets very weird sometimes.

ME: As well as those VCA porno flicks you’ve been borrowing from me recently … are they for you or your clients?

Lorenna: Both. I take them to calls with me ’cause the men like them … but I view them in the house alone, as well.

ME: Very fascinating. You don’t obtain sufficient sex on duty? You require some by yourself in your home, too?

Lorenna: Yep!

ME: And what kind of scenes do you like to watch in an x-rated movie. Everybody has their favored sort of scene.

Lorenna: Frankly, I like to view a woman obtain fucked by 2 men at the same time– you know– one in the face and also one in the pussy. Likewise, I such as to place the machine on fast forward as well as view them do it truly fast. That transforms me on! You must know that. Don’t I constantly ask you to fuck me quicker?

ME: Yeah, whatever. I’m getting a little uncomfortable right here. What about ladies? There’s no way you like them as high as I do.

Lorenna: That goes without saying, Dog. However seriously, I’m primarily heterosexual although certainly, I do girl/girl shows if a person publications a dual. But on the other hand … and also cum to think of it … women’ bodies are pretty as well as occasionally during doing a dual with a truly warm woman, I’ll begin to get involved. Like Peaches, this woman I have actually been working with lately. She’s really adorable. I believe I’m beginning to like her.

ME: I recognize you do not cum with me– yet can you cum with various other tricks? I know some girls don’t– or don’t intend to.

Lorenna: Buck! You’re so foolish. Quit angling for compliments. Yes, I cum with tricks. And also no, I don’t really feel guilty if I do. I assume I enjoy myself a whole lot more than some other escorts. Possibly because I run my own advertisements and pick and choose my clients over the phone. I can weed out the losers. A firm girl can’t.

ME: And also what regarding working for a company versus separately?

Lorenna: I’ve done both as well as for me, independent is better. Yet except everyone. You have to be accountable for your phone as well as your advertisements if you’re independent. Some women just do not have that together.

ME: I’m burning out of all this intellectual things. Allow’s wind it up, honey. Give me a last idea– like an introspective observation on your existing job selection.

Lorenna: I’m great with what I do. I probably won’t do it for life. However, for currently, I’m young as well as wild as well as complimentary. As well as it’s a truly great way to make the rental fee. Now I have an inquiry for you: When are you gon na stop talking and fuck me Mr. All Talk And No Activity?

ME: Today honey. Let me obtain the rubber on first!