Numbing cream for permanent hair removal

Imagine or not I finally gave up and decided to purchase my own laser device for beauty purpose. I was not so expensive as I’ve imagined and not so hard to use it( it was a Tria hair removal.

I bought it online 5 weeks ago and arrived in a cute small package. I was so excited to open and when I did, I was surprised to see how small this device is. But do not get fooled by its size, believe me, it can do more than it appears to do. I am so impressed by this little guy that I started to recommended it to all of my acquaintances.

When I first used it I felt some pain like a little pinches but I could handle it. The second time was worst so I decided to stop using the device and purchase a cream that was supposed to numb the pain. After two days from the second order the cream arrived. I was so excited to use it that I start removing my hair the second the cream came to the door.

I applied the cream and waited for 10 minutes or so to works its magic on my skin and surprisingly my skin got numbed. I immediately took my laser machine and started removing my hair. Finally no pain!!! I will definitively purchase the cream once again after my first one will finish. I am quite sure it will not last for very long.

If you are just as sensitive like me then, for sure, you must purchase one of these cream as well. There are various brand that offers the same cream and I guess with the same results. Mine was from Tria, the same brand that I bought the device from. But I am pretty sure all the numbing creams are as good at this. I know people who don’t use any cream, more than that, they say they do not feel pain at all. So, I guess, it depends on the skin you have or on how high is the level of pain that you can tolerate. But, if you decide to try this hair reduction solution, you better buy the cream along with the device. It is not really that expensive. And better be safe than sorry, right?